Dress Rehearsal Preparations Underway for Norton Sound Regional Hospital

The Yellow Brick project team is preparing to head back to Nome, Alaska next week to host a Dress Rehearsal event at Norton Sound Regional Hospital. The hospital has been planning the activation of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging service line. The Yellow Brick team has been working with the NSRH project team and Radiology Manager to plan new operational workflows and orientation and training activities.

Yellow Brick project coordinator Melissa Johnston has been working closely with the NSRH project team to ensure everything is ready for next week’s event.

“Last month while we were there, we trained people from Emergency Department, Emergency Medical Services and Environmental Services,” said Johnston. “The training included a tour to orient them to the new space and going over fire and life safety. The team is really excited about this project and so are we.”

A critical access hospital located in Nome, Alaska, NSRH serves the city of Nome and the surrounding villages of the Bering Strait region. The new MRI service line is scheduled to open in Spring 2019.

The Yellow Brick project team in action. From left to right: Project Specialist, Linda Guzman, Project Coordinator, Melissa Johnston, Project Specialist, Carole Snyder