Our team will assess your project to develop a thorough understanding of the objectives, scope, challenges, and client expectations.

Transition and Activation Budget

Our team will work with impacted departments to develop a budget that includes transition and activation activities.

Workflow Planning

Our team will assist in customizing interdisciplinary and department-specific workflow plans that include new facility features and operations plans

Change Management

Our team will work with leadership to outline the goals and desired outcomes of change, equipping leaders with the tools required to facilitate change.

Tabletop Exercise

Our team will facilitate Tabletop Exercises to validate workflow plans and identify operational issues and training requirements.

Dress Rehearsal

Our team will develop a Dress Rehearsal plan and scenarios to prepare the facility and its occupants for Day 1 Activation.

Patient Move Planning

We will work with you to develop a move plan, validate move routes, and provide clinical facilitators to support the safe transfer of patients.

Task List

Our team will work with department leaders to customize a comprehensive Task List that will serve as the “to-do” list for the project.

Risk Management

Our team will identify, assess, and monitor project risks throughout the engagement, assessing risk impact level and the probability.

Committee Management

Our team will provide recommendations for the Transition and Activation Committees and their associated structure.

Building Readiness and Logistics

Our team will develop a plan that includes furniture, IT, and equipment deployment, security, cleaning, maintenance, and supply distribution.

Orientation & Training

Our team will provide industry best practices and recommendations for the overall Orientation and Training program.

Department Move Planning

Our team will develop a department move sequence and move materials to ensure your facility’s first day of activation is successful.

Post-Move Stabilization

Our team will work with you during the transition into the new building by providing templates to develop a decommissioning plan and supporting the issue management process.