"Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify!"

- Henry David Thoreau

We believe in the value of keeping open minds and open ears. As a woman-owned business, we seek to cultivate a culture that promotes the elevation of vibrant communities and gender parity in commerce.

As clinicians and project managers, our goal is to help healthcare organizations deliver safe, effective patient care in any new environment.

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Kelly Guzman, MN, RN, EDAC, LBBP

Founder & CEO

Kelly leads her team in transforming complex healthcare projects into simple, more manageable pieces. With more than 30 years of industry experience, Kelly has a keen understanding of the steps required to seamlessly transition and activate a new facility. She prides herself on partnering with the client to prepare them to live in their new space.

J. Agner

Jeff Agner, MPH, BS

Director of Transition and Activation Planning

With more than 13 years of industry experience, Jeff has successfully led or participated in numerous transition projects and is an industry subject matter expert for the Transition and Activation Planning process. Jeff is committed to advancing healthcare project management and works with stakeholders to create a robust project plan.

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Kathy Stevenson, BSN, RN, EDAC, LBBP, CMS

Director of Operations and Strategy

With more than 30 years of industry experience, Kathy thoroughly understands the intricacies involved in activating a new facility. In addition to being responsible for the ongoing development and implementation of Yellow Brick’s facility transition planning processes, Kathy is the Subject Matter Expert for Yellow Brick’s Dress Rehearsal.

C. Smith

Cindy Smith, BSN, RN, LBBP

Senior Project Manager

With more than 21 years of experience at the bedside, Cindy has successfully led or participated in over 15 transition and activation projects throughout North America over the last six years. She is well versed in the transition and activation planning process, specializing in regulatory and accreditation compliance and Dress Rehearsal events.

A. Broders 2018

Ali Broders, BA, PMP, LBBP

Project Manager

With more than 10 years of transition planning experience, Ali delivers project management expertise to ensure a safe and seamless activation. Ali has led more than 20 projects and has helped facilitate more than 40 Dress Rehearsals resulting in successful outcomes and safe hospital relocations.

L. Martinez

Lisa Martinez, PM-LPC, SSGBP

Project Coordinator

With more than 27 years of industry experience, Lisa is responsible for the support and coordination of healthcare transition planning projects. As a Dress Rehearsal subject matter expert, she is responsible for managing all the milestones required to ensure a successful event. Lisa has participated in over 100 Dress Rehearsal events and has an exceptional understanding of hospital operations.

M. Tennant

Mark Tennant

Chief Financial Officer

With more than 25 years of management experience, Mark oversees the financial day-to-day operations at Yellow Brick. By creating detailed forecasting reports, Mark is able to effectively manage the budget, payroll, and other financial aspects pertinent to the success of the organization.


Ann Ahmadi, MBA, BSN, RN, LBBP

Director of Innovation

With more than 30 years of industry experience, Ann possesses extensive hospital leadership, clinical expertise and transition planning experience. She is responsible for the development of the automated systems used to create programs including Operations/Workflow, Dress Rehearsal, and Move Sequencing for the transition project.

N. Tran

Nick Tran, BS, PMP, LBBP

Director of Finance and IT

With more than six years of experience, Nick has completed numerous transition projects of varying complexity.  This provides him the insight to think strategically in order to simplify complex situations. Specializing in analyzing key metrics and data, Nick works with facilities to create optimal project plans based on LEAN methodology.

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Jonathan Ahmadi, BS

Special Projects Manager

With four years of industry experience, Jonathan delivers project management expertise to ensure a seamless activation of new healthcare facilities. As a subject matter expert of patient move planning, he creates detailed move plans to ensure patients are moved in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

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Christina Olivarria, MSPM, PMP, LBBP

Project Manager

With six years of industry experience, Christina is responsible for the overall project management of transition and activation projects. As Communications Manager, she is responsible for all corporate communications and marketing projects, including social media campaigns and brand identity.