Get your Project into Gear with Yellow Brick Bootcamp!

By: Jen Prom

Embarking on a new project is akin to setting out on an expedition. It demands meticulous planning, the right gear, and a strategic approach. The initiation phase is crucial in project management, setting the stage for project success.

Enter Yellow Brick Bootcamp – a deep-dive into the baseline tools designed to support any project’s Transition and Activation process.

Why Yellow Brick Bootcamp?

Transitioning from conceptualization to execution requires a structured roadmap. Many projects stumble at the outset due to inadequate planning, unclear goals, disjointed communication, or the absence of streamlined processes. Recognizing these challenges, Yellow Brick established the concept of a bootcamp to provide our client partners an overview of the fundamental tools that act as the scaffolding for a Transition and Activation project. Breaking down the project into manageable “mini-projects” is crucial for resource allocation, task assignments, and understanding project milestones.

Focus and Structure

The essence of the Yellow Brick Bootcamp lies in its emphasis on forthcoming work while avoiding overwhelming audiences with an overload of information. It provides a high-level overview of upcoming tasks, delving deeper into details as stakeholders become more acquainted with the work and terminologies.

Additionally, the bootcamp setting allows the Yellow Brick team and client’s internal project team to get to know one another, bond, and establish a working relationship.

Key Components


  • Sets structured timelines and topics, ensuring focus and efficiency during the BootCamp.

Scope of Work, Roles & Responsibilities, Glossary Overview

  • Defines project boundaries, roles, and terminology, ensuring a shared understanding among stakeholders.

Milestones, Roadmap, Year Range Calendar

  • Reviews markers for progress and long-term planning to align with objectives and external factors


  • Establishes project oversight structures, outlines goals, task management, and meeting duration and frequency.

Tabletop Exercises

  • Introduces the concept and objectives of the sessions, including enhancing staff awareness of workflows and impacts on services.


  • Outlines steps, dependencies, and the goals of workflow planning efforts.

Organizational/Departmental Initiatives

  • Allows the organization/department to present their organizational structure, existing committees/workgroups, planning and work completed to date, and any other organizational/departmental initiatives that may impact project resources.

Additional topics could include other initiatives or upcoming activities, such as risk management, budgets, readiness assessments, and patient/department moves.

Conclusion: Paving the Way for Project Success

Yellow Brick Bootcamp serves as a launchpad for successful project initiation. These sessions offer a robust framework to navigate the complexities of Transition and Activation Planning. In the dynamic world of healthcare project management, having a reliable set of tools can make all the difference. With Yellow Brick Bootcamp essentials at their disposal, project teams are better equipped to tackle challenges, mitigate risks, and confidently achieve their goals.