How to Successfully Achieve Your 2019 Resolutions

Five steps to making your goals a reality

By: Melissa Johnston, LBBP

As the clock counts down to midnight, we celebrate and start to think about how we can improve ourselves. We create resolutions and goals for the new year, with the hope that the next 12 months will provide ample time to complete them. Although we spend a lot of time thinking about how we want to better ourselves, when it comes to implementation, we sometimes fall short, or worse, just give up.

Have no fear. Yellow Brick is here to provide guidance to ensure that this year, this does not happen to you. No matter what your New Year’s resolutions are, if you embrace these five easy steps, you will be able to complete your goals and revel in your success.

Step 1. Affirmatively Write out Goals 

The first step in goal completion is to write “I will” statements. For example, if your goal is to read five books this year, write out “I will read five books this year”. This statement will give you confidence and motivate you along the way. When you have trouble with motivation, come back to your goals and read them aloud as a reminder.

Step 2. Create Actionable Steps

When writing out your goals, especially if it is a long-term goal, break it out into reasonable pieces. If your goal is to read five books in the year, create an action plan. Pick your books ahead of time and map out a timeline for your first book. An example could be that every four weeks you want to complete five chapters. Breaking down your main goal into short-term goals and creating an action plan will help you stay on track.

Step 3. Visibly Post Goals

After you write out your goals, place them in a location where you will see them every day. If you see your goal every day, it will remind you to complete them. A good place to post your resolutions is on your dresser or even in the bathroom so while you get ready for the day, it will give you the motivation to complete your goals.

Step 4. Evaluate Progress and Adjust

Evaluate your progress after the first month to see what you have completed. Assess your status on short-term goals and see if you need to extend your deadlines. If you have only read two chapters in four weeks that’s okay! Reevaluate and plan for reading two chapters in the next two weeks instead of reading five chapters. As many of us know, life can surprise us when we least expect it, so don’t too be hard on yourself!

Step 5. Find a Buddy to Hold You Accountable

If you know that your friend or co-worker has set goals to accomplish, text or call one another weekly to check-in on progress. When you have trouble motivating yourself, give your buddy a call and talk with them. This will add a level of accountability to the goals. Motivate each other to keep going throughout the year and consider rewards or celebratory dinners to toast your success together.