Table Top Dress Rehearsal Sessions

The Benefit of Bringing Subject Matter Experts to the Table

The Yellow Brick team is onsite at a Northern California partner’s medical campus today facilitating a Table Top Dress Rehearsal event. Yellow Brick’s unique Table Top exercises are discussion-based sessions where team members meet in an informal, classroom setting to discuss their roles and activities in their everyday job planned for the new facility. Yellow Brick facilitators guide participants through a series of discussions of one or more customized scenarios.

The goals of these sessions are to provide facility participants the opportunity to evaluate the flow of patients through the facility and interdisciplinary flow between departments prior to actually being in the building. Together the teams work to Identify and document issues and gaps in proposed services and space.

Having experienced Yellow Brick facilitators benefits a project by providing subject matter technical expertise to the table. Having the right SME’s on a project, filling in knowledge gaps, can take a project from good to great (Waxer, 2012). Providing an outside perspective to a project’s planned operational and workflow plan, Yellow Brick’s SME’s bring best practices from their experience of activating hospitals from across the country.

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