Understanding the Role of Department Champions

When developing an Orientation and Training program, in addition to planning and implementing the various training modules required to successfully activate your facility, the project team must identify stakeholders who will serve as champions for the program. Referred to as department champions, these stakeholders are the key to ensuring both that information is effectively disseminated to end-users and that end-users buy-in to the program and the project.

During the planning phase of the Orientation and Training program, department managers should begin to identify their department specific champions. Champions should include staff from different roles and shifts including but not limited to:

  • RN, RT, CNAs, Unit Clerks, Techs
  • Physicians, Providers
  • PT, OT,  ST
  • Food & Nutrition Services
  • Registration
  • Volunteers

These champions will play an important role in the transition and activation process. They will assist in the development of workflow, assist with Dress Rehearsal scenario development and implementation, attend vendor training, help facilitate department-specific training, and assist in the facility preparation for regulatory surveys.

It is Yellow Brick’s recommendation that the stakeholders selected for this important role not only possess a strong understanding of the organization’s culture but also exude a positive and “can-do” attitude.

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