Yellow Brick Announces Partnership with with Sindoni Consulting & Management Services

Yellow Brick Consulting is pleased to announce their partnership with Sindoni Management and Consulting Services (SCMS). SCMS utilizes NavCon Construction Tracking Software to provide tools that allow project teams to navigate complex construction processes, from project initiation to closeout and transition. NavCon is the product of a collaboration between prominent construction-related firms that sought to develop a powerful, user-friendly, and affordable product that was easily customizable for each project.

Yellow Brick clients will benefit from simplified colorized architectural maps that can facilitate operational planning, as well as support licensing, orientation, training, and move planning.

NavCon is currently being used on multiple projects including Sharp Chula Vista New Tower and El Camino Hospital (multiple campus projects).

Samples of department report available to clients

A sample of materials and supply distribution and materials and waste removal report

At Yellow Brick Consulting, our mission is to provide our clients with a simplified roadmap to success. With SCMS’s NavCon software, visualizing the path to success has never been easier.

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