Yellow Brick Team Published by Health Environments & Research Design Journal (HERD)

It’s a family affair worth celebrating. An article was written by Yellow Brick’s Project Specialists Lynn S. Aguilera, DMIST, MSNEd, RN, PMP, Erica K. Dickey, MSN, RN, PMP, and Project Executive Kelly Guzman, MN, RN was published by Health Environments & Research Design Journal (HERD) in July. Using Interdisciplinary Dress Rehearsal Events to Ensure Staff Readiness When Opening a New Healthcare Facility details how the simulation-based Dress Rehearsals better prepare staff to move into a new healthcare facility.

Based on their combined experience of leading more than 100 Dress Rehearsals across the country, the team combines their first-hand knowledge, industry best practices, and participant survey results to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Dress Rehearsal model.

Yellow Brick continues to make strides as an industry leader in Transition and Activation Planning and Project Management and congratulates Lynn, Erica, and Kelly for the incredible accomplishment.

To access the full article, please follow the link below.