Yellow Brick Team set to Publish 2nd Book in September 2021

Yellow Brick is pleased to announce the upcoming publication by Emerald Publishing of A Guide to Healthcare Facility Dress Rehearsal Simulation Planning, the follow-up to 2020’s A Guide to Transition and Activation Planning for Healthcare Construction Projects. This twelve-chapter guide provides the reader a step-by-step framework to plan and coordinate Dress Rehearsal events for any size project.

The Dress Rehearsal concept was conceived in 2009 when members of the Yellow Brick team were tasked with activating and licensing a new, 100-bed hospital in 90 days. Drawing upon industry experience, the team developed an interdisciplinary simulation program using scenarios to validate new workflow processes and the new space’s functionality.

Over the years, Yellow Brick has refined the Dress Rehearsal program (also known as Day in the Life), incorporating best practices and lessons learned from facilitating more than 300 events conducted across North America. In 2019, the team set a goal to formalize the approach by publishing a guide that healthcare leaders could leverage as they prepare to activate their new spaces. The guide includes samples and tools developed by the Yellow Brick team to support Dress Rehearsal event coordination.

“Our team is fortunate to work throughout North America and shares our expertise with our clients,” shares Yellow Brick Founder and CEO Kelly Guzman. “We understand that not all facilities have the resources to bring in outside experts, so we felt like this was the next best thing. Many simulation programs focus on validating clinical scenarios such as chest pain and the correct response to the clinical presentation. This guide focuses on validating operations in a new environment. It bridges the gap we identified in supporting the building readiness and people readiness aspects of working in a new facility.”

A Guide to Healthcare Facility Dress Rehearsal Simulation Planning will be available for purchase on September 2, 2021, through Emerald Bookstore and Amazon. To preorder your copy, click here.