Loma Linda University Health – Patient Move Recap

“That was a great day!”

The entire Yellow Brick team expressed sentiments of accomplishment after successfully transferring 301 patients into Loma Linda University Health’s new Troesh Medical Campus on August 8, 2021. Months of planning were devoted to ensuring that all patient needs were met during the move process. Respiratory needs and infection prevention measures were closely examined to maintain both patient and staff safety throughout the move.

“Patient safety is our top priority during a Patient Move,” said Kathy Stevenson, Executive Vice President, and Senior Project Manager, and the Yellow Brick Patient Move Lead for the Loma Linda project. “As we reviewed the patient move sequence, we took into account the complexity and acuity of each patient we expected to move on August 8th.”

Yellow Brick began their engagement with Loma Linda University Health in the spring of 2019. Led by Senior Project Managers Kathy Stevenson and Ali Broders, and Project Manager, Christina Olivarria, this project was noteworthy as it maintained momentum through the most uncertain of times.

“In February of 2020, we led the first round of workflow planning sessions with over one hundred participants from the health system in the same room,” shared Ali Broders. “Fast forward just one month, and we had to make a hard pivot to 100% virtual meetings.”

The Executive Director of the Campus Transformation Project, Allison Ong, was a valuable partner throughout the entire project. With a thorough understanding of the health system and a clinical background, Allison facilitated a project environment that promoted collaboration and ensured that the project’s momentum was continuous, even in the face of a pandemic.

“Allison’s leadership and attention to detail were essential to our success,” shared Yellow Brick President and Project Executive Kelly Guzman. “She’s a rockstar, and we are incredibly thankful to her entire team.”